Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

Knights-errant who go Into Battle for Love

  • Knights-errant who go Into Battle for Love (Sec1)

    In the European Middle Ages, gallant, fearless knights were revered and came to represent the dawn of hope of the Dark Ages. And oriental knights-errant, who pursue models of chivalry, are like oriental versions of the 'spirit of knights,' and have become an important force for stabilizing the world. By means of cultural exchange, the western spirit of the knights and the oriental spirit of the knights-errant—to relieve and support the weak and infirm and to preserve the spirit of fairness and justice—are interlinked.

  • Knights-errant who go Into Battle for Love (Sec2)

    Amid Europe's cultural and historical sites, churches are important landmarks, and the sounds of bells that are emitted by the churches particularly transmit tranquility and serenity. For many years, the Bell of Peace has traveled the world with goodwill visit groups, and its auspicious and peaceful, solemn bell ringing ceremony passed down by the ancients has enabled its cleansing, purely emitted sound to awaken the yearning for peace in the depths of people’s inner hearts.

  • Knights-errant who go Into Battle for Love (Sec3)

    The ceremony of the Ringing of the Bell of Peace is a solemn bell ringing ceremony that inspires people's innate goodness and common diligence in the name of world love and peace. This kind of goodness and resolve, through each visit made by the goodwill visit group, is like dandelion seeds blown in the wind towards the horizon. From Italy they were blown to Siberia, France, Germany, the Netherlands and to each international conference, and brought back, by each nation's participants, to their own countries.

  • Knights-errant who go Into Battle for Love (Sec4)

    The goodwill cultural visit group has enabled messages of love and peace to extend to continental Europe. This whirlwind of conscience, moreover, has engulfed the Balkan Peninsula, long known as Europe's powder keg, and calmed this stretch of land that has suffered constant war for thousands of years. From Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia to the Republic of Montenegro, in a short, 10-day period, 95 sessions were held and figures from over 37 countries responded to the Era of Conscience movement.

  • Knights-errant who go Into Battle for Love (Sec5)

    In Europe, the chivalrous men and women of the Tai Ji Men Cultural Goodwill Group were transformed into knights pursuing peace, explaining—with the oriental spirit of the knight—the martial spirit of eliminating weapons. On each visit, each cultural performance, as far as this martial arts menpai's chivalrous men and women engaged in martial arts practice are concerned, they set out for love, go into battle for peace. This is the self-practice process of contemporary people pursuing self-cultivation.

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