Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

The Desire for Culture to Blend With Peace

  • The Desire for Culture to Blend With Peace (Sec.1)

    Fully Loaded With Hopes of Love and Peace
    The Bell of Peace The entire universe spreads love. Two hundred and sixty-nine important figures from 87 countries around the world sounded the Bell of Peace, including 22 heads of state and government, eight Nobel Prize winners, many ambassadors to the UN and leaders from all walks of life. The Bell of Peace is fully loaded with the wishes of those who have sounded it, bringing together the aspirations of all people to reverberate around the world, spreading the energy of love and peace.

  • The Desire for Culture to Blend With Peace (Sec.2)

    Conscience Activates the Power of Happiness
    At the 13th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World in India in 2012, the global endorsement of the Declaration of Taxpayers' Human Rights was launched for the first time in India. At the event, Dr. Hong gave a speech on the theme of, \"Twenty-first Century Taxation Human Rights: Practicing Knowledge and Action As One,\" and urged governments of all countries to establish taxation human rights systems, saying, \"The Declaration of Taxpayers' Human Rights guarantees the people's basic existence, attaches value to rules of evidence, strictly maintains procedural justice and implements human rights guarantees.\"

  • The Desire for Culture to Blend With Peace (Sec.3)

    Culture Blends With Love and Is Passed on to Mankind
    Culture is mankind's most important spiritual treasure, the most precious root of a nation and a people. Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze guides the dizi by example and with words, enabling them to learn wisdom as they cultivate themselves. As the body is strengthened and made healthier, the spirit becomes more agile and matures. The ancient menpai, passed down from Shifu to dizi, enables the dizi, at the same time, to gain some extraordinary experience and study in the course of life's journey; by passing on love through culture, they advance global harmony and become true practitioners of love and peace, and, further, influence everyone they encounter.

  • The Desire for Culture to Blend With Peace (Sec.4)

    To Pass Culture on is to Practice Peace
    An Era of Conscience was beginning to develop around the world, and was being promoted at the conference by young volunteers. Sixty-four chief justices from 30 countries jointly endorsed the Declaration for the Movement of An Era of Conscience. One thousand four hundred people echoed support for An Era of Conscience, and the former President of Sri Lanka, Governor-general Italeli of Tuvalu, the Governor-general of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as the Minister of the Interior of India, the Uttar Pradesh Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Department of Statistics and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate praised An Era of Conscience for being people hope and possessing the power of happiness.

  • The Desire for Culture to Blend With Peace (Sec.5)

    A Peaceful Tribute to The World as one Family
    For several decades, Tai Ji Men Shifu and dizi have, on the basis of a chivalrous spirit of unselfishness, vigorously promoted love and peace through cultural exchanges in Taiwan, at the UN and around the world, and engaged in exchanges with heads of state, leaders, elites and others who have made huge contributions to the world from all countries. Many have taken encouragement and enlightenment from the Tai Ji Men Energy Family's Shifu and dizi and wished to contribute more.

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