Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

A Doctor's Balance Between IQ And EQ

Yang Chien Yi    2013-09-26

Since I was a child, I had been doing very well on my studies. Soon I graduated from the College of Medicine of the National Taiwan University, feeling confident that a great future was at the tips of my fingers. However, my life was not quite like the one I had expected, after a two year military service, I seemed to be out of my luck. For two consecutive years, I had tried but failed to apply for a job at the National Taiwan University Hospital, which is my alma mater. Besides feeling disappointed, frustrated, and indignant, I did not reflect upon myself much.

Later on, I applied for a job in a district hospital. During the interview, the chief officer told me the reason why I was refused was that I said something wrong. Hearing that, I was stunned. I finally knew that I was a person good at studying but not good at speaking and dealing with others, and hence said something unpleasant to the professor.

The chief officer then asked me how I could be admitted to College of Medicine of the National Taiwan University. I replied that it credits to my parents' caring and cultivation. I was surprised that the seemingly irrelevant answer got me accepted. The chief officer considered a slow-witted person like me kind-hearted and grateful to parents, so he accepted me.

Although the district hospital is generally considered an excellent one, having lots of opportunities for learning, and my boss treated me well and often taught me how to be a good doctor, my heart was not there. Inside my mind, there was a voice echoing that I could absolutely apply for a job somewhere better than this hospital. And because of it, I felt rather unhappy, and often kept wearing a poker face. Once in a while, I even conflicted with my colleagues and patients, which annoyed my boss very much and made him regarded me a bad learner.

This condition lasted for four years. I am physically, mentally weary, wondering why things turned out so bad like this. Once, a flu got me very ill for about a month that I woke up one day with deafness in one ear. It shocked me, and I kept questioning: ""Why do I get deaf so suddenly while I am still in my early thirty?"" I went to several hearing doctors, coped against my illness with pills over a few months, and the symptom didn't go away. Because of my loss of hearing, I couldn't know exactly what my patients said, I couldn't enjoy listening my favorite classical music, this eventually led me to helpless depression.

Though I was suffering from deafness, and yet because an influential friend introduced me to another way to life, I joined Tai Ji Men Energy Family, and started to learn from my Shifu, the founder of Tai Ji Men, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, the wisdoms of life and to practice qi to nourish my health.

After a period of practice, my hearing started to improve, ear buzzing, allergies, and gout had eased off, more importantly, I am happier. Even the coy father who seldom spoke to us, came up and said to me that I looked glowing. Witnessing my improvements and my changes, my family members joined Tai Ji Men to practice qigong. Whilst my mind and physical condition changed, the interaction between me, my colleagues and my patients also got better. The supervisor, who wanted to promote me and yet couldn't stand my bluntness, saw the changes within me, asked the people around me: ""This man, Chien-Yi Yang, I kept telling him to smile for four wasted years, and how can he learns it all in a sudden when he joined the Tai Ji Men Energy Family?!"" After his observation on me, he too, together with his family joyfully joined Tai Ji Men to practice qigong.

Few years ago, I was an administrator of a clinic. I was noticed that I would dismiss from my job only a few days before the expiry of my contract. At that moment, I was not ready to face it and felt somewhat startled. Nevertheless, I remembered my Shifu used to tell me to reflect all the time. I told myself to calm down, reflected on my past, and found no big mistakes of me. I wrote to my boss in order to know if I did something wrong. I showed my sincereness and humbleness in the letter, and I hoped he would correct me. Even if I could not continue to work here, I won't make the same mistakes in the future.

This letter touched my boss. After we talked, I realized that I was framed by a colleague. My boss asked me to continue to work for him. If I had not practiced in Energy Family for many years and moderate my temper and learned to face the sudden shock with a brave and sincere attitude, there would be no chance for me to resolve this misunderstanding, and I could have lost my job.

Two years ago, a five-year-old girl was referred to me as amblyopia. According to the little girl's father, the previous doctor diagnosed her amblyopia and thought that the girl needed only a few follow-up checks. However, the child's father was still concerned, so he brought his daughter to me. After inspection, I found some doubts. According to my years of professional experiences, I highly suspected she had a brain tumor. So I earnestly suggested the girl's parents that a more careful tomography was necessary.

Three months later, the little girl came to me for a double check. It did was a brain tumor and her operation was successful. Her sight has recovered. I wondered that the big hospital where the little girl had her operation must have arranged follow-up checkups. It was not necessary for her to make an extra trip to visit me. I asked the father why, and it turned out that the father trusted my diagnosis because of my careful examination, good attitude, and detailed explanations, her daughter was saved in a very short time. He was here to thank me.

While got thanks from my patients and their relatives, I felt especially grateful to my Shifu. It's because Shifu taught me to to love myself, and also to love others. I keep Shifu's words in my mind and use it at work, so I treat my patients as my family, my relatives, and friends, I do my best to explain complicated medical matters to my patients in understandable ways to relieve them of doubts of the treatments. Now, I have learned to respect my colleagues and always tell jokes, so that while people are busy working, they can still feel relaxed in dealing with their serious jobs.

I was once a doctor of high IQ but low EQ. After Shifu's teaching, I have learned to change myself and now I gradually earn my colleagues' respects and my patients' trusts. Every time, while I have done my duty for the day, I felt tired, but got the sense of satisfaction, knowing that I am doing good things. Now, I understand more of the truth of lives and the way of being a good doctor, and I can live my life happily every day.