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The Good Fortune of the Tai Ji New Year is Upon us

  • The Good Fortune of the Tai Ji New Year is Upon us (Sec1)

    Every year the Energy Family hangs up lanterns and decorations and celebrates the new year with noise and excitement, as well as holding gatherings to reunite with dear friends to welcome its advent, bringing together an abundance of happiness for the occasion. In this section, we present the brilliant content of Tai Ji Men's New Year Gathering, in which we can observe the festive aura of old times, as well as a cultural feast in which ancient culture enjoys new life.

  • The Good Fortune of the Tai Ji New Year is Upon us (Sec2)

    Do you want a good omen for New Year? Come and receive the happiness that the Energy Family's happy darlings, angels of conscience and children of martial arts are sending to everyone with joyful hearts. Watch the Energy Family spread happiness and conscience throughout Taiwan. Everyone together experience happy energy and the hope of conscience and enjoy the five treasures: health, wealth, wisdom, happiness and good fortune.

  • The Good Fortune of the Tai Ji New Year is Upon us (Sec3)

    Are you sorry that you weren't able to attend Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy's fiftieth anniversary celebration in person? Never mind! This program presents to the audience the prestige and brilliance of that day's performance, a performance brimming with positive energy as well as content that warmed people's hearts, in the hope that, at the beginning of the new year, we can bring all our friends in the audience an abundance of of happiness and blessings.

  • The Good Fortune of the Tai Ji New Year is Upon us (Sec4)

    In the transmission of fine culture lies extraordinariness. The Energy Family's theater of the essence of national culture shares the beauty of culture through all kinds of performance. And the young generation of the Energy Family shares the story of life by developing youth dance drama. One need only to fly courageously after one's dreams in order to have hope and energy, to pursue one's dreams with courage and not fear difficulties.

  • The Good Fortune of the Tai Ji New Year is Upon us (Sec5)

    Eliminating weapons and spreading goodness is the highest ambition of practitioners of martial arts. The qigong martial arts menpai Tai Ji Men's footprints in traveling to 70 countries all over the world over 50 years have presented the essence of Chinese culture and martial arts to the people of the world, personally putting into practice the ideals of love and peace and the world as one family. Seeing the rich trajectory of fine culture within the images of compact content.

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