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Conscience Navigates New Hope

  • Conscience Navigates New Hope (Sec1)

    The beautiful earth has bred multi-faceted organisms, but it faces all kinds of crises. The United Nations has held many successive Conferences on Sustainable Development, with Energy Family brothers and sisters from all walks of life shuttling back and forth at the busy venues inviting heads of state and ministers from all countries to experience baptism by the sound of the bell of love and peace.

  • Conscience Navigates New Hope (Sec2)

    Hong Shu-qi, who has for many years served in the science and technology sector and whose whole family now lives in Silicon Valley on the US west coast, has traveled to many countries with the shifu, giving herself many extraordinary experiences. She has met the president of the Dominican Republic—who has rung the Bell of Peace—several times. So, what kind of relationship does this president have with the Energy Family.

  • Conscience Navigates New Hope (Sec3)

    So, can one change the world by striving to change oneself? Malaysian overseas Chinese, Yeh Tsan-Chiang, and Li Chien-Pang, who lives in California, in the United States, took part together in the 62nd UN DPI/NGO Conference held in Mexico in 2009. What kind of changes were actually generated in their lives by their participation in an annual international conference?

  • Conscience Navigates New Hope (Sec4)

    Melbourne has been acclaimed as, 'Australia's cultural capital.' In 2010, the 63rd UN Annual DPI/NGO Conference, was held here; it was the first time the city had hosted the event. The brothers and sisters of the Energy Family especially brought with them a video that they'd made themselves called, The Tiger's Wish. They went in to share it with schools of all levels, from kindergartens and elementary schools to universities, inviting everyone together to come and safeguard conscience and love the earth.

  • Conscience Navigates New Hope (Sec5)

    The shifu and dizi of Tai Ji Men share fine culture with people and promote all kinds of activities of benefit to the world by means of action. Human rights are a universal value and education is a project of vital and lasting importance. The Seventh International Conference on Human Rights Education (IHREC) was held in December 2016 in Santiago, the capital of Chile. What did the brothers and sisters of the Energy Family see and hear when they went over to take part?

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With Conscience and Kind Thoughts,We Pray for World Peace.

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