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Love Flies High in Seattle

  • Love Flies High in Seattle (Sec1)

    Formed of 1200 people in 1999 and said to be the largest weapons troupe in history, Tai Ji Men Culture Goodwill Group, traveling on five different flights, went to the US to take part in the Seattle SEAFAIR Torchlight Parade 50th anniversary celebration. This team, rich in Chinese culture, set off a whirlwind in Seattle, on which the media vied with one another to report, enabling the world to see Taiwan.

  • Love Flies High in Seattle (Sec2)

    The ancient and sacred Drum Ceremony was held in front of Washington state government and jointly hosted by the state's governor, Gary Locke, and Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men Dr. Hong Tao-Tze. The majestic, boundless sound of the drums transmitted auspicious and peaceful qi. During the trip, the mayor of the city of Tacoma bestowed a certificate of honorary citizenship on the Zhang-men-ren, Dr Hong, commending the culture goodwill group for their outstanding contribution to the advancement of cultural exchange between Taiwan and the US.

  • Love Flies High in Seattle (Sec3)

    The chivalrous men and women of the Energy Family went to San Francisco to take part in events at the San Francisco 4th International Wushu Festival. Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, furthermore, delivered his speech, A World of One Heart A Well-spring of Happiness, elaborating on the goals and intentions behind the Tai Ji Men Culture Goodwill Group's conduct of global cultural exchange, in hopes that the people of the world would join hands with a common aim and advance good fortune and peace in the world.

Energy Family
Love of the world - A wish for Peace_ EP.1

The Bell of world Peace and Love.

Love of the world - A wish for Peace_EP.2

That is People’s Dream. That is People’s holy Wish.

Love of the world - A wish for Peace_EP.3

The dawn of peace bursts from the passage of time.

Love of the world - A wish for Peace_EP.4

Praise of true love radiates from the rotation of heaven and earth.