Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

With Conscience and Kind Thoughts,We Pray for World Peace.


  • Tai Ji Men, the Ancient Menpai of Qigong, Martial Arts, and Self-Cultivation, held the Grand Ceremony for “Praying to Heaven”, and initiated the global activity of “One-Minute Can Change the World” on that day. The activity was to encourage people from more than 100 nations around the globe to mediate for one minute, guiding people to express heartfelt gratitude toward heaven and earth, and engaging in self-reflection to pray for world peace together. In this era of pandemic, everyone can contribute his/her part to mediate for one-minute and pray for the world.

Energy Family
Love of the world - A wish for Peace_ EP.1

The Bell of world Peace and Love.

Love of the world - A wish for Peace_EP.2

That is People’s Dream. That is People’s holy Wish.

Love of the world - A wish for Peace_EP.3

The dawn of peace bursts from the passage of time.

Love of the world - A wish for Peace_EP.4

Praise of true love radiates from the rotation of heaven and earth.