Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

Drums of Culture Inspire New Lives

  • Drums of Culture Inspire New Lives (Sec.1)

    Solution to Turn around education
    To turn weaknesses into strengths and with wisdom. Without further ado, let us together look at how we in this ancient qigong martial art menpai,use ancient culture to turn education around, becoming a positive force for changing the modern era.

  • Drums of Culture Inspire New Lives (Sec.2)

    Medication Especially for Prince and Princess Syndrome
    Each child is the prince or princess of their parents' eyes, especially in the era of falling birthrates. Plus, parents are busy and spend little time with their children, so don't have surplus time or energy to instruct them about the trifles of every-day life, creating a significant number of children with prince or princess syndrome, who lack life skills and interpersonal skills.So how do we prevent these diseases of civilization caused by pampering and indulgence by Mom and Dad?

  • Drums of Culture Inspire New Lives (Sec.3)

    The Power to Change Makes Life Perfect
    Each child is a unique entity, with his own habits, characteristics and personality. This group of children in Energy Family have improved their mental and physical health by undergoing the exercise involved in troupe formation, and also exercised their patience and willpower, learnt the wisdom to overcome predicaments, and courage in the face of challenges and responsibilities.

  • Drums of Culture Inspire New Lives (Sec.4)

    Passing on tips for Mankind’s Happiness
    Amid the stunning sound of the drums this group of children is finding mental and physical health and balance and effusing a steady power, making society more harmonious and beautiful. It is the unique power of culture. Culture is the accumulation of life, the lifeline of history and, if the world is to advance constantly, must be passed on, so that the intellectual property of early generations is bequeathed to later generations.

  • Drums of Culture Inspire New Lives (Sec.5)

    The International Outlook for a Feeling World
    Since the Prestige War Drum first sounded, its inspiring, joyful energy has spread not just around Taiwan, but, in the footsteps of Shifu and dizi, to all five continents, passing on the values of love and peace of this excellent culture around the entire world. The depth and breadth of life lie in step-by-step action, the emission, bit by bit, of kindness and good intentions, making these young people broad-minded, making them embrace the world

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