Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

National Day Celebration Breaks New Ground

  • National Day Celebration Breaks New Ground (Sec.1)

    Breaking New Ground With Success at the Outset
    In the ancient civilization, the FLAG was the guide that gathered the clansmen, and issued orders to the tribe. As culture evolved, the meanings the different flags conveyed changed. Tai Ji Men Energy Family has on several important occasions performed the five-phase flag formation, in the hope of bringing the nation the qi of peace and stability.

  • National Day Celebration Breaks New Ground (Sec.2)

    The Flags are Flying and Moving People's Hearts
    In Chinese \"flag\" and \"pray\" share the same pronounciation. Every place in the world has a flag with which it is associated. In Japan, there is the koinobori (carp-shaped windsock) for praying for children's peaceful and healthy development. In Tibet, there is the wind and horse flag for reaching the higher authorities, and a national flag is an important symbol of a nation. Flying and fluttering in the blue sky, flags seem to have their own rhythm, not only making our hearts dance with them and with bursts of cheering, but becoming a force that raises popular feeling and inspires morale.

  • National Day Celebration Breaks New Ground (Sec.3)

    Hearts and Power Unite to Change Fortunes
    In the eyes of our international friends, this ancient menpai is one of the best organizations at exhibiting Taiwan's culture. Shifu and dizi pass on to one another in an organic manner, insisting on using the ancient menpai's approach. Although it is not easy, it is only by doing so that the essence of culture can be passed down from one generation to the next, without changing or disappearing in line with systems of social values

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