Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

My tips for staying Bright and Happy

Amber Chang    2019-05-07

Hi everyone, my name is Amber Chang and I am going to turn ten tomorrow. I have been practicing qigong for three years. Before, I couldn’t control my temper and I usually got angry for every little thing. So my parents would feel tired when bringing me along. But these three years through practicing qigong, I learned to control my temper and be myself. For example, when I was in third grade, I always got bullied by certain people. Whenever they bullied me, I would get very angry with them. Then, they would be more interested in bullying me. So often I would feel frustrated that they would never stop. But because I continuously practice qigong and my Shifu taught me whenever you face difficulties, calm down and defend yourself. So now in fourth grade, I didn’t show them what I did before. When they came to bully me, I took it easy. After a while, they didn’t think it was fun anymore to bully me because I didn’t get frustrated. Now, I even found out how to get along with them and even became their friends. I thank Shifu for teaching me wisdom and helping me become a better person.