100 Stories of Good Luck

Luck, luck. Luck isn't controlled by fate, but by your personal chi. Chi follows the heart's will, and those with a good heart will have good chi, and those with good chi have good luck. To humans, who suffer illnesses and pain, luck is to regain health. To those put under pressure by work, their career, and other issues, good luck is to solve problems and stabilize the situation. To those stressed by relationships, marriage, and family, good luck is to be joyful and harmonious.

We've all been jealous of someone else's good luck, and we've all complained about our own lives. We've all doubted the possibility of good luck and joy for ourselves. But it's possible. When you find an opportunity to change fate, when you aren't spending your time wishing for good luck from the heavens, but instead are actively and optimistically improving yourself, good luck will inevitably follow.

Luck is unforeseeable, so some say it happens by chance, but it actually accumulates from hard work.

Make the impossible possible. Make the ordinary extraordinary. Stop dreaming about something and instead take action to make it happen.

These are 100 true stories from our TJM Energy Family. They have changed, they have attained their goal! We hope that among these stories you find the secret to your own good luck!

Good Luck

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