Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy


(Michelle Shen, Student)

Michelle Shen    2022-11-13

After this summer, I will be going to 6th grade in South Pointe Middle School. I am currently 11 years old. I have earned many awards, mostly because I learned a lot of things in Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy (TJM).

I have been in TJM since I was 3. I have learned a lot of manners and wisdom. I can learn a lot of things quickly because I have the patience to listen. My heart also stays calm which can help me learn and think quicker. I love meditation, and enjoy the practice of Qigong in the class and at home.

I was one of those students who received the President’s Education Awards Program. I write a lot of sharings in TJM very often, so I am very good at writing. In the CAASPP test, you have to write a story about a certain thing. My score was excellent. I think it was because of the experience I have in writing. I used the things I learned in TJM at school. For example, I built my confidence by sharing with the brothers and sisters in TJM. I can also stay calm when some things are happening. The time at TJM makes learning in school easier.

Practicing in TJM helps me gain wisdom and learn more. Practicing in TJM also helps me enjoy learning. Shifu gives us guidance about the purpose of learning and how to be a better person. He also encourages us to help others. I understand that learning is for myself, not for scores or parents. Learning is a lot of fun. I wish more people can join Tai Ji Men, and be happy every day.

Photo Caption:
(Center) Michelle Shen’s creative writing stood out from many other submissions and won a Writing Achievement Award in 3rd grade. Her work was adapted into a stage play and presented to the whole school with a full house!