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Tai Ji Men Hosts Concert of Gratitude and Blessings

Co-founder of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy Honored with President’s Lifetime Achievement Award


Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, leader of Tai Ji Men, center, and distinguished guests from around the world, come together to celebrate the enduring legacy of his late wife, Madam Yu, Mei-Jung at the Concert of Gratitude and Blessings. (AP Images)
Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy and five other civil society organizations hosted the "Concert of Gratitude and Blessings" at the Luckman Theatre of California State University, Los Angeles on April 7, 2024 to consolidate global citizens’ kind thoughts and pay tribute to the late co-founder of Tai Ji Men, Madam Yu, Mei-Jung, who was honored with President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Tai Ji Men’s contributing 610,000 hours of service to the United States.

The Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy presented a rarely seen cultural feast, blending ancient traditions spanning over six millennia with modern artistic interpretations. It brought together hearts, conveyed goodwill, and sent sincere wishes to Heaven through a solemn bell-ringing and lighting ceremony, uniting everyone’s good intentions. With a heart of gratitude and blessing, they lit the light of peace, making wishes and commitments together, injecting powerful positive energy of peace and security into the world. The event was attended by nearly a thousand people, including former President Rosalía Arteaga Serrano of Ecuador, former Prime Minister Pakalitha Bethuel Mosisili of Lesotho, scholars in education, faith, human rights fields from various countries, and NGO leaders.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, right, receives President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of his late wife, Madam Yu, Mei-Jung, the co-founder of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, for the Academy’s contributing 610,000 hours of service to the US. (AP Images)
Former President of Ecuador Rosalía Arteaga Serrano presented a commendation to Madam Yu, Mei-Jung, praising Dr. and Mrs. Hong as outstanding educators who exemplify spreading love, peace, and conscience. She emphasized their teachings on compassion and enthusiasm for all aspects of life, particularly their efforts in educating young people to promote love and peace globally. President Serrano expressed deep gratitude to this exceptional couple for their invaluable contributions to humanity.

Dr. Hong, in his speech, said, "My wife always faced life’s challenges with a sunny and positive attitude, and her courage, love, and warmth will remain in our hearts forever. With our footprints of love and peace, her spirit has transformed into an eternal paradigm." Carrying on the legacy of his wife’s warmth and love, Dr. Hong extended an invitation to all to illuminate the light of peace, encouraging collective prayers for the world and the realization of personal aspirations. He emphasized that conscience serves as the cornerstone for improving global conditions, urging everyone to make the most of their time on Earth by nurturing meaningful connections with others and fostering opportunities for positive transformations.

Influential leaders and organizations presented certificates of commendation and awards in
Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, right, is presented with a certificate of recognition by Dr. Rosalia Arteaga Serrano, former President of Ecuador. This certificate honors the legacy of his late wife, Madam Yu, Mei-Jung, for her tireless work promoting a culture of love, peace, and conscience. (AP Images)
recognition of Madam Yu, Mei-Jung’s remarkable achievements and contributions to the world. Among those honoring her were Ivo Josipović, former President of Croatia; Moncef Marzouki, former President of Tunisia; U.S. Congress Members Ted W. Lieu and Linda Sanchez; California State Senators Anthony J. Portantino, Dave Cortese, Josh Newman, Maria Elena Durazo; New York State Senator George M. Borrello; California State Assembly Members Chris Holden, Freddie Rodriguez, Blanca E. Rubio, and Evan Low; Pasadena City Councilwoman Felicia Williams; Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen, president of the Austrian-based Flame of Peace; as well as scholars and NGOs from around the world.

The concert of gratitude and blessings also highlighted Madam Yu’s unwavering strength. During their journey to The Gambia in Africa, she encouraged Tai Ji Men dizi (apprentices), saying, "Despite the challenges, we must work even harder to spread love and peace for the children here, keeping war and poverty at bay." At the concert, Tai Ji Men dizi from around the world recited a gratitude poem, shared anecdotes of Madam Yu’s nurturing kindness, and conveyed their heartfelt appreciation. Renowned music producer and Tai Ji Men dizi William "Mickey" Stevenson, along with his wife, performed the song "You Raise Me Up," expressing their gratitude to Madam Yu.

A video presentation showcased Tai Ji Men’s endeavors in promoting love and peace through cultural exchanges across six continents over the last twenty plus years. Dr. Hong and his wife founded the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) in California, USA, with the mission of global love and peace advocacy. FOWPAL has visited 103 countries, aiding leaders in making significant commitments and advocating for love and peace through various initiatives, including ceremonies of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love, cultural exchanges, World Leader Summits of Love and Peace, and human rights education programs. Numerous bell ringers have made positive impacts on global peace: for instance, in 2003, Fradique de Menezes, the then president of São Tomé and Príncipe, pardoned rebels after a political coup. In 2008, Leonel Fernandez, the then president of the Dominican Republic, diffused a potential war among three Central and South American countries, while Abdoulaye Wade, the then President of Senegal, successfully resolved years of conflict between Chad and Sudan. Dr. Hong and his wife played pivotal roles in these peace efforts, showcasing their foresight and leadership vision.

Tai Ji Men presents a powerful martial arts performance, drawing from over six thousand years of cultural heritage and wisdom. It inspires individuals to discover their inner conscience, fostering the courage to conquer challenges.(AP Images)
Tai Ji Men presents the Fire Phoenix Dance, igniting the spark of hope within people’s hearts, empowering them to rise above challenges and rejuvenate with newfound vigor. (AP Images)
The event organizers aspire that attendees will develop a better understanding of Tai Ji Men’s culture and recognize the significant contributions of Dr. and Mrs. Hong to the world, inspiring the inherent goodness within humanity. They seek to highlight Mrs. Hong’s pivotal role in promoting peace, embodying qualities of resilience, warmth, courage, and love. The organizers urge everyone to endorse the "Declaration of World Day of the Power of Hope" and collaborate in reshaping humanity’s destiny through conscience, benevolent aspirations, and the power of hope. The collective gathering of wishes for peace and positive energy aims to safeguard the world and guide Earth towards sustainable development.

Tai Ji Men members dressed in angel costumes convey the message that everyone is a child from Heaven, encouraging people to harness the power of their conscience, surmount obstacles, and contribute to a harmonious world through acts of kindness and virtue. (AP Images)
Tai Ji Men hosts a ceremony to consolidate people’s kind wishes for the world. Through a diverse array of performances, the event inspires individuals to heed their conscience, tap into their inner reservoir of hope, and catalyze positive thoughts and actions. (AP Images)