The Six Years That Were Stolen

Article:Ya Wen Jiang / Picture:Xiu Yu Zhu  2017-01-16


  I'm from the JiLin Province in China. Growing up in a joyful family, I was the youngest of all my sisters, so I received everyone's love. Fate led me to Taiwan, where I married a handsome, hardworking husband and met my wonderful in-laws. Because my husband was an only son, and I accomplished the feat of having a son as my first child (called a "Golden Grandson"), my in-laws cried! Of course they were tears of joy. After that, I was highly cherished and became the happiest person on earth.
  They say: flowers don't bloom forever, and good scenery is rarely viewed. One night after seven years of marriage, a telephone call turned my lucky life upside down. I only heard the words, "Your husband had an accident while he was out of the country; he's now in a coma in the ICU". On the fourth night of my visit, my husband passed away without leaving any final words for me. Ever since the incident, my life had fallen from heaven to hell.
  That year, I had barely turned thirty years old. My son was in kindergarten, and other than my in-laws, I had no family or friends in Taiwan. Since the day my husband passed away, there was no laughter in my house, and every day revolved around the sounds of crying, complaining, and even of me hitting and yelling at my children. Even my in-laws and relatives started to look at me differently, with hostility. I often spent nights awake lying in bed, my thoughts darting around like bees swarming a hive. I didn't know what to do or where to go. My thoughts turned suicidal. In the long weeks after, my body and mind were exhausted, and my health deteriorated. The doctor told me I had depression. I turned to various Western and Chinese hospitals, spending a lot of money. I walked around like a zombie every day, and this continued for six years.
  I finally had the opportunity to come to Tai Ji Men. Shifu told me I had to change my temper, bear with the passing days, and maintain a positive outlook each day. I thought, how difficult this would be! However, all the brothers and sisters in Tai Ji Men were so happy, welcoming people with smiles, and never stopped caring for me. They used love to re-warm my cold heart, and I saw a ray of light shining towards me, making me feel that this was the warmest home I'd ever had.
  One's environment really can change a person. I was influenced by everyone's positive energy in this way. Whenever I faced adversity, I would know that I was no longer alone. I had Shifu to rely on, to guide me with his wisdom, and I learned how to cherish the little things. I would tell my brothers and sisters my problems and worries, and they would help me think of the best solutions. My mother-in-law is now 80 years old, and her health has been deteriorating, so she often goes to the hospital. Good thing I'm in Tai Ji Men practicing qigong and nourishing my body, because the old me would be so exhausted from having to take care of her all night. Shifu often tells us that filial piety cannot wait, and we have to keep on doing the right things. So I want to stay with my mother-in-law and pass the days with her. Now whenever I come home from Tai Ji Men, I happily share the benefits of doing so with her. The mood in the house is positive. In my four years of practicing qigong, I rarely go to the doctor, and everyone says my skin glows. You could say my six years of misery have been stolen.