Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

The Master of Emergencies

Xu Shu-shuo    2013-06-30

I work as a supervisor in charge of maintenance in a supermarket. One day in the morning at 6 o'clock, my colleague on duty called me and said that due to heavy rain from midnight to morning, the whole store even including the power room was flooded. It was a complete disaster. I tried to ride to the store and found that roads to the store were submerged, stopping vehicles from passing. I felt anxious at that time and tried to think how to get to the store.

Suddenly a thought flashed through my mind at that time: I should try to be calm and get some food to deal with the situation. Therefore, I first ate my breakfast and contacted the related contractors at the same time. It was very difficult to contact those people early in the morning before. However, I not only got into contact with them, but I also had enough manpower to use for that day. I think that I had good luck because I stayed calm in face of such situation.

When getting to the store, I found that it was really disastrous. My colleagues on duty had been so exhausted that they didn't know what to do. Due to my calmness, I could roughly handle the situation after asking few questions. So I reorganized the work and decided to save the power room first. After confirming that all drainage devices could work, I made use of break time to buy my colleagues some breakfast. Finally, with the cooperation between my colleagues and contractors, the water was drained away at noon ahead of expected by a whole day. All the problems were solved and the store was operated normally.

Few days later, the floor outside the store was undergoing a renovation. Unfortunately, the water pipe was broken during the construction process, causing a temporary water outage. By the time I finished dealing with the emergency, it was already 9 o'clock p.m. On my way home, I received an emergency call from my manager. He said that the store was hit by a power failure. To make matters worse, even the backup generators couldn't work.

At the moment when I received the call, I thought what a coincidence! One emergency came after another. But, I still stayed calm. On my way back to the store, I got into contact with contractors first. When getting to the store, I saw that the customers were evacuated. The colleagues on duty were frightened. I told them to be calm first and then rearrange the procedures for fixing. I found that the reason why the generators couldn't work was broken batteries. After replacing new batteries, the generators started to work. At the same time, my contractors and Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) informed me about the reason for the power failure was that Taipower prevented an electrical disconnect switch from operating a trip mechanism. After an emergency repair, the store returned to normal power supply soon.

Dealing with those successive emergencies, I realize that I've really learned a lot after joining Tai Ji Men Academy. Before that, I was very irritable and impatient when I encountered what I had to do, due to my pursuit of perfection. If the work I delegated to my subordinates didn't meet my standard, I lost my temper easily. Apparently, the relationship between me and my colleagues was very strained. Accordingly, things couldn't go on smoothly and even took more time to be done. Now, because I've learned "courage", "calmness", and "second thoughts", I can solve problems with wisdom and a peaceful mind and be appreciative of those emergencies. Based on those emergencies, I conduct education and training for my company and also improve my colleagues' reaction capability based on those emergencies.

In addition, I share what I've learned from Tai Ji Men Academy with my colleagues often now. I care for them and help them with their problems as well. Because of my care, one of my colleagues cried in front of me and even said that no one had been concerned about him ever.

I'm very grateful to join Energy Family to maintain my health and cultivate my mind. When facing difficulties, I can solve the problems successfully instead of struggling with them. More importantly, because I've learned joys and gratitude for everything, disagreement and conflict between me and my colleagues are dramatically reduced and there is always a harmony and happy atmosphere around the work environment.