Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

Seed of Happiness Is Sprouting

Hsiao Hui-ying    2013-08-14

I used to be introverted when I was young, so I was the quieter one in some social occasions. It usually took me a while to get close to new acquaintances. I thought it was the best and the safest way to interact with people, but I didn't realize that because of this habit, I couldn't communicate with others well when encountering problems. Therefore, I usually refused to face the reality and got mad or wept alone when things didn't go well. After I got married, my husband and I sometimes had quarrels in our life and work. Whenever he talked to me loudly, I would feel hurt and sad. Then, I would fall into a nonstop suspicion. For example, I would think "didn't my husband love me anymore?" and questions went on and on. Even if he apologized afterwards, I still spoke daggers and turned a cold shoulder to him. We often reached a deadlock until I calmed down, and we could finally get over again. This kind of situation happened more and more frequently and I became unhappier and unhappier.

After I joined Tai Ji Men, my Shifu keeps telling me to modify my temper, so I started to reflect myself. I used to think that being in a sulk has nothing to do with the temper. But in fact, it is one kind of bad temper which makes me and the people around me feel bad and hurts both my body and my heart. Now I've learned to stay calm. When I disagree with others, I will try to communicate and express what I care about. I won't be in a sulk anymore and I can keep cheerful anytime. My Shifu reminded me that the one who apologizes first may not be the mistake maker, but that is the one who values the relationship more. So, now I realize that my husband apologized first because he is deeply in love with me. I was so innocent that I didn't cherish the happiness.

My husband and I run an online business, and I have to carry heavy goods often. Because I had a wrong posture while carrying goods, my waist had been in pain. I even needed to have an injection to ease the pain. At that time, it hurt even when I slept. I was afraid that I might have aftereffects for the rest of my life. Since my parents and brother died of diseases, I have had great fear for illness. Moreover, I know how hard it is for both the patient and the care giver. The atmosphere of the whole family would be down. Therefore, I've always wished to take good care of my health and don't let my family worry about me. When my waist was in pain, I started to worry whether I will have to be looked after in the future.

I have got better physical and mental health by practicing qigong for more than a year. I regard the health as a seed of happiness. The seed is nurtured by Shifu's teaching and the changes I made, so it sprouts in my family and work. I used to get angry so easily for my husband's clumsiness. I often needed to look for something for him just like a detective. Now, whenever the same situation goes again, I don't get angry anymore. I just find the thing for him and praise myself as a great detective. Sometimes, it is fun to just sit there and watch him looking for the things. I think to myself that my husband is a good wit who has short memory as a Chinese saying goes. Shifu tells us to see the hardship for each other. Thus, when we have quarrels, I can tackle them peacefully and calmly. Now I can put myself in others' shoes. My family gets much closer. Besides, as I feel relaxed, my health condition becomes better. My friends say now I look much better, brighter, and different than before. I didn't expect I would have such great harvest from the seed of happiness. My gratitude is beyond description. I just hope I will have more positive energy and spread the happiness to more people.