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A gifted high school student spreads peace at the United Nations

Listening to one’s conscience and activating positive energy for global sustainability


"If possible, would you like to discuss global sustainability issues with UN ambassadors at a United Nations conference?" Many high school students would say yes to the question, but few of them get an opportunity to do so. During his spring break, William Shue, a gifted 11th grader in Southern California, was fortunate to attend such a meeting that was filled with positivity at the UN headquarters in New York.

"This was the first time I went to the United Nations. Before I went to this meeting, I was not expecting much. I was skeptical that I would even make a difference," said William, who joined the conference to take part in the betterment of the world. He continued to say, "During the conference, I realized that the conference was much more than a discussion as it visibly touched the heart of everyone present." He noticed that the mood and atmosphere in the conference room was improved within an hour and that everyone left with a happy smile and heart.

The "World Peace and Love Conference" on the afternoon of April 5 and the subsequent evening event were co-organized by the Federation of World Peace and Love, Permanent Mission of Kiribati to the UN, and Association of World Citizens. The events were attended by honored guests from 35 nations, including ambassadors and delegates from various missions to the UN, such as those of the United States, Australia, Spain, and so forth. These influential leaders from around the world were deeply touched by the positive energy brought by a group of teenage volunteers.

Ms. Tegan Brink, deputy permanent representative of Australia to the UN, said, "This is a very different meeting to the meetings I normally attend in this building. And it is very refreshing." She said with a smile, "I am conscious I don't think I've ever said love in this building, so I will say love again. I will say peace and love. It is the first time I have ever said it in this building, and I am enjoying doing that." Ms. Stefanie Amadeo, U.S. deputy representative to ECOSOC from the United States Mission to the UN, also attended the conference and mentioned that she was glad to feel the love and peace in the room and to be reminded again of the importance of love and peace. Other attendees also sincerely shared their views on love, peace, and sustainability; the room was filled with warm and peaceful energy!

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William is one of the teenage volunteers, and he has outstanding academic achievements, including receiving a perfect score on 2017 PSAT/NMSQT, being member of the team earning 12th place in the 2018 Quizbowl High School National Championship Tournament, representing his school to win second place in optics in the 2018 Southern California State Science Olympiad Tournament, and so forth. His mother said, "Earlier this year, my son discussed his summer plan with me, and I felt quite touched when he said he would like to apply to a program or take a class that would enhance his ability to help the world." Most parents hope that their children will have a bright future. William's mother, who places a great emphasis on the balanced development of her son, brought him to practice qigong at Tai Ji Men, an ancient menpai (similar to school) of qigong, martial arts, and self-cultivation. She said, "Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, the grandmaster of Tai Ji Men, pointed out that the highest level of martial arts is to stop conflicts and promote peace. My son has been practicing qigong at Tai Ji Men since the age of 10; the seeds of love and peace have been deeply planted in his heart. During the conference, he experienced first-hand the significance of sincerely spreading love and peace among people! I feel very proud of him."

After this trip of peace to the United Nations, William said, "I'm very pleased and honored that during my busy junior year, I had this opportunity to interact with UN ambassadors face to face. This trip allowed me not only to learn from them and broaden my horizon, but also contribute my time and effort to transform the world!" Although he is only 17, he shared something quite profound: "I believe that no matter how big or small an act of genuine kindness and understanding is, it will result in making the world a better place. Due to the butterfly effect, every action culminates in unexpectedly complex and widespread effects. By following one's heart and conscience, one will put into motion positive processes even when one does not realize it. If everyone understands the importance of this, the world will become a much better place through our collective good deeds." The youth are the future of the world. It is not uncommon that we hear high school students get high scores on academic examinations or excel in competitions, but it is less common to hear them actively participate in international affairs and promote world peace and love. Encouraging children to grow both physically and emotionally and be concerned with the wellbeing of the world will make our planet a better place!