The Large Butt In The Eyes Of Xiao Mi

Article:Yi Qing Ye / Picture:Zhong Shen Tu  2017-02-07


  My darling daughter Xiao Mi is six years old this year. She loves to draw. Ever since she was two, she has spent every single day drawing. Her works reflect her naivete and her current mood. For a period of time, I discovered that her drawings and brushwork had become chaotic, and the colors she used were dirty or black. Her behavior had also strayed. She made me so angry at her that I often spanked her as often as I served her the three meals she ate per day.
  Today, Xiao Mi happily pulled me to her wall to see her self-opened "art gallery". I looked at her drawings plastered everywhere; she introduced each work to me one by one. I noticed that, unbeknownst to me, the content of her drawings had become rich and colorful, and exuded happiness. My daughter suddenly pointed to a drawing that had four people in it. One was drawn tiny, and one had a large head. One of them had long arms and legs on a small body, and one of them had normal proportions, save for large rear end. The one with a large butt had a heart inside her chest.
  My daughter said, "Mommy, guess which one is you?"
  I pointed to the one with a large butt and said, "This one!"
  "How did you know?"
  "Because of the butt! It's so large, it has to be mine! Plus, only that one has a heart. Only that one is a real human."
  "Do you know why the butt is so huge?"
  I said, pointing to my butt, "Everyone can see it's huge."
  Xiao Mi shook her head. "Because this one has love. This heart represents love. Mommy's been filled with a lot of love recently. So much love that it's gone to her butt!"
  After I heard this, I couldn't resist pulling her to me and kissing her head. At my side, my two-year-old son protested that he wanted a hug too. My daughter pulled him towards us, saying, "Relax. We're not going to forget about you. I love you too."
  So the three of us, mother and children, hugged happily, feeling the love we had for each other. Xiao Mi said, "Ever since Mommy joined Tai Ji Men, she's changed a lot. She doesn't get mad so easily and doesn't sleep as much. Her heart is now filled with lots and lots of love, so Tai Ji Men must be really good! I love going there!"
  I was moved after I heard this. I was born with thalassemia, a blood disorder involving less than normal amounts of an oxygen-carrying protein. I used to get dizzy and weak often, and was sent to the hospital each time. I would lose my temper at the drop of a hat. I blamed myself, but I couldn't do anything about it. After I joined Tai Ji Men, my life became full of pleasant surprises. My strength improved drastically after only one short year of practicing qigong. I gained confidence in my own body. Although I still get dizzy and weak, I can slow my own breathing and recover quickly after I practice qigong without needing a blood transfusion or a shot. I never thought this was something I could achieve. I am grateful for Shifu for accepting me as his dizi and passing on the simple yet useful qigong that helped me regain my strength and become happy. I want to thank my Tai Ji Men brothers and sisters, who are like real siblings, giving me love and support at any given time. Now I have a deeper understanding of how to love my children. Love doesn't just mean cooking delicious food for them, it means that I must provide positive support and empathy. I have truly learned how to be a good mother and lead my children on the right path, with love by my side.