Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

My unlucky index finger

Qui-Gin Chen    2013-10-03

Three days before this lunar year, I tested the new kitchen knife as preparing dinner. At first I chopped the vegetables carefully, but unexpectedly I got an accident as cutting the very last meat ball. The knife slipped and cut my index finger directly. Blood burst from my finger and there was blood all over the knife, the cutting board, and the meat balls in no time. I grabbed a few tissues and pressed them on the wounded finger, ran to the drugstore downstairs with my wet hair, and asked the pharmacist to help me wrap my wound. The pharmacist found my wound is bleeding badly, so he immediately took 1000 dollars from his pocket and urged me to take the taxi to the emergency room to suture the wound.

After signing in at the front desk in the emergency room, the nurse asked me to lie down and gave me four injections; three of them were anesthesia. Before injection, the nurse kindly reminded me, the finger anesthesia injection hurts the most. Thus I was kind of nervous in the beginning, but I think I was pretty brave, I did not drop a single tear during the whole process, I only screamed during the anesthesia injection.

Maybe it's because I've been practicing qigong in Tai Ji Men for years, the sewn up wound didn't hurt anymore after I got up from the bed and I could even greet the nurse happily. During the lunar year holidays, in order to keep the wound dry, I enjoyed a relaxed holiday break like an elegant, rich woman. I also gave the wound full of good qi during my practice and hoped it could get well soon.

I remember the day taking out the stitches, because I needed to wait for a long time, I watched Energy Family lunar year special program from on my smart phone. This year, my Shifu, Tai Ji Men Zan Men Ren Dr. Hong Tao Tze, sent everyone a present, they are seven lunar year programs on the Tai Ji Men website. On that day I saw one of the programs, "Dragon Brings Great Energy", in which the eight virtues, loyalty, filial piety, charity, love, trust, justice, peace, and harmony were mentioned. I saw brothers and sisters from all walks of life; they practice positive thinking to make their lives and works smooth. Years ago, I was lucky to follow Shifu, visited Africa with the Bell of World Peace and Love, and delivered the message of love and peace, I recall. Thinking of this, my heart is full of happiness and peace. Nevertheless, I got an unexpected call from a friend before I walked out the hospital. He mentioned a past event unhappily, and hung up the phone in rage. I did not get angry; instead I sent him a text message to communicate with him. From his reply, I got to know that he has calmed down and was not angry anymore. Just as expected, watching Energy Family makes me wiser and resolve a little dispute in life.

On my final checkup, doctor told me the wound was healing well; reviving the surface of my skin was all I needed. It's really a magic when doctor took out my stitches and revealed my finger, there was no stitching mark at all. Doctor had told me, as long as there is stitch, there would be scar, especially the wound needed to take out stitches, it's unavoidable. But I checked it many times, except the new skin was kind of pink, I couldn't find any stitch mark, it's really a magic.

After this incident, I got some reflections: Don't be careless on anything. We should pay more attention and be careful especially when the task is almost done. Thanks to the help from practicing qigong, my finger regained its health and there is no scar.

Facing my life, I often keep a heart of gratitude, I am grateful to my Shifu, he leads me to practice my body, cultivate my mind, and learn the wisdom of life. I not only resolve the disputes between me and others, I also got inspirations through the sharing of brothers' and sisters'. Heart is the source of aura, keeping kind thoughts in mind can make ourselves feel comfortable and harmonic. It really benefits me a lot.