An Oscar For The Best Mom

Article:Qiong Xia Zheng / Picture:Zhong Shen Tu  2017-02-16


  Before she went to America for her honeymoon, my newly married daughter-in-law told me, "Mom, we'll buy you purses and dietary supplements for you there." The fact that my daughter-in-law had put her old mother-in-law in her heart made me really happy. But I still said kindly, "Don't buy me any more purses; you already bought me a designer bag last year when you went on a business trip. You also bought me a few bottles of supplements last time, and I still haven't eaten them. In fact, they've already expired. My body isn't too shabby, so eating those aren't necessary for me."
  Ten days later, the couple returned to Taiwan, satisfied to their heart's content, and gave me a call early in the morning to let me know they'd returned. They returned directly home in Hsinchu from the airport because they had jet lag and also had to start working the next day, so my presents wouldn't be delivered until next week. Although my mouth told them not to spend money so carelessly, my heart was wondering what kind of present they'd gotten for me. If it turned out that they hadn't gotten me anything...I would still feel kind of disappointed, to be honest.
  The awaited weekend came up. My son, daughter, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law all came for dinner. After we'd eaten, my son mysteriously said that they had something for me. I was expecting something along the lines of a designer bag, or maybe chocolate. But suddenly, my son said that they were going to present an award to me. They told me to close my eyes. When I opened them, I saw a small golden figurine of the Oscar in front of me. I couldn't read the English on the base of the figurine. My son exclaimed, "This is an Oscar for the Best Mom!" They accompanied the prize with singing. Brimming with joy, the whole family burst into laughter. I accepted my son's award with a happy and thankful heart.
  That night, after everyone had left, my thoughts floated towards 1987. My husband had died in a car accident, leaving our son and daughter with me. They became the large responsibility in my young life. I had to work and care for them at the same time. The stress inevitably crept up on me. The store I worked at, which sold idols of deities, often forced me to work overtime. Physical and mental fatigue bestowed new illnesses upon me, when I hadn't even recovered from old ones. Of course there was no happiness in my life. No wonder my son told me that I used to get angry at the smallest things and hit them.
  After eight years, I finally was lucky to be recommended to Tai Ji Men by my neighbor. After daily and nightly qigong, my body miraculously got better. My mood also lifted, and my entire person became friendly and happy. One day, my neighbor asked me, "A Xia! Did you pick up money from the ground or something? How come you're smiling so widely every day?"
  I think I picked up a bonus from health.
  Time flies by. I've been in Tai Ji Men for 19 years. Everything has gone smoothly, and my children have grown up. Although work is still hard, my heart is no longer suffering. The mother that my children see isn't frowning all the time anymore, but is humorous and joyful.
  One day, my children's uncle said to them, "Good thing your mother joined Tai Ji Men. Her condition improved so much. You don't have to worry anymore."
  Although the Oscar I received wasn't a real Oscar, it is priceless to me. It is more honorable than a real Oscar. It is the best gift a new mother-in-law could get. After 20 years of caring for this house, it's nice to get recognition for my hard work. Actually, I really want to give this Oscar to Shifu, because he was willing to accept me as his dizi. He taught me a lifetime's worth of inexhaustible, infinite treasures: health, fortune, wisdom, happiness, joy. They helped me to surpass all the stages in my life with confidence and happiness. My heart is truly grateful. Yeah! I'm an Oscar mom!