Child, You Outshine Me

Article:Li Yue Luo / Picture:Zhong Shen Tu  2017-02-23


  I'm a happy farmer's daughter. I have lots of stamina, and I've worked all sorts of jobs. I never had a job that I couldn't do. But doing the job of being a mother made me feel powerless and defeated. It taught me that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it won't work. I spent so much time trying to teach my child, but she never seemed to learn. For example, she never put things away when she was done, or she swallowed her food too fast and ate too quickly, or she never focused on a task, losing interest after just three minutes. I even took her to the hospital to get her examined. They said there was nothing wrong with her brain. Then where was the problem coming from? After I joined Tai Ji Men, Sister Xiao Gu told me that children used to give her headaches, too. But then she quoted what Shifu had told his dizi: all children have their own strengths, so don't underestimate them--children are stronger than you are in some places.
  This sentence woke me up. I thought carefully, She's right...when I was my daughter's age, what was I capable of doing? And my daughter herself...what is she capable of doing now? I realized that, indeed, she was stronger than me in some places. She could cook her own meals, ride the bus and metro by herself, and play billiards. She wasn't as bad as I made her out to be. It was because I set my standards too high. After our whole family joined Tai Ji Men, the change in her surprised me so much. After she got the opportunity to practice for performances with the brothers and sisters, she turned from a shy girl who wouldn't go onstage to a courageous, brave soul who would compete for a chance to go onstage. Maybe her attitude and temper weren't better than anyone else's, but her diligence and dedication moved my heart.
  Every time she came back from practice, she had a lot of news to tell me. She was like a happy sparrow singing nonstop at my side. She even sang loudly in the shower. Ever since she was a child, I'd never seen her so dedicated to or focused on anything. She always used to shower quietly in her room and practice with the door closed. She told me, "Performance practice is way more fun than playing video games and watching TV at home!"
  Unfortunately, good times don't last. Her foot fasciitis started up, inflaming her tendons. I asked her if she wanted to continue practicing. She firmly said, "Of course."
  Therefore, she went to practice, and then came home where she soaked her feet, massaged them, and applied ointment. Every time I massaged them for her, she would cry out in pain. However, she never stopped going to practice. At Tai Ji Men, her potential showed through, and she was transformed into an energetic person. She liked going to practice, because the brothers and sisters were always positive, sunny, and humorous, not like at school, where there would always be some classmates who would bash the teachers, swear, and put down others. Plus, she would never get scolded during practice, even if she danced a wrong move. She could collaborate and spend time with people her age, making her feel at home. To an only child like her, it was an opportunity to learn, admire others, and feel like she belonged. I am really grateful to Shifu for giving my daughter a chance to participate in performance practice. My child learned that if you do something you like and you're positive about it, you persevere and are fearless of challenges. You express yourself bravely.
  My daughter is stronger than me in some places. She's like a seed; I believe that one day, she will bloom into a flower. Or maybe she'll never bloom into a flower, because she could turn out to be a tall tree instead.