My face contour changed!

Article:Gui Zhu Guo / Picture:Zhong Shen Tu  2017-02-28


  Ever since last year, when I came to stay in my daughter's house in Zhanghua, I've been super busy. Every time I go back to my house in Hsinchu, it's only a short while before I rush to Zhanghua again. This time, I stayed for two days longer, and it was over a holiday, so I had time to chat properly with my son and daughter-in-law.
  Everyone was chatting when my daughter suddenly turned to me and said, "Mom, your face contour has changed!"
  "My face contour changed?" I asked, unbelieving.
  "Yes, Mom, the line has become softer. Your face has also become brighter. And when you talk, you smile more."
  My daughter-in-law's words made me very happy. I touched my own face and said, "Maybe it's because I got chubbier!"
  "No way. Your figure is the same. You didn't gain weight at all!"
  Ever since she joined Tai Ji Men, my daughter-in-law has become more considerate and caring. Today, she seems especially cute.
  Back in my room, I inspect my face in the mirror. The more I look, the more satisfied I become. Recently, my younger sister, neighbor, and a couple of sisters from Tai Ji Men have indeed told me the same thing. I really have changed and improved myself in the past year. I think back to previous years. When I was 13, my parents passed away. I was only a young girl when I became the head of the house. After I got married, my family also struggled financially, so to support my four children, I had to work hard. After I retired, I could have had an easier life, but then my husband passed away.
  My life was really bitter, but I was fortunate to have my daughter introduce me to Tai Ji Men so I could practice qigong, and nourish my body and mind. My mood turned from gloomy to cheerful. At Tai Ji Men Energy Family, there are many brothers and sisters. When we're together, we share our life's experiences and wisdom with each other, especially when Shifu talks to us. He encourages us to take the right path. He often reminds us that whether our days are joyful or not, the key is within us. We must actively try to make our own lives meaningful. His words inspired me. Therefore, I have planned out how to live my retired life: always learning new things, always improving myself. I don't let my footsteps stop.
  At the same time, I do the obligatory volunteer work, so I feel like my late life is filled with meaning, vitality, and joy. I happily went to an elementary school to volunteer, and taught English, arts and crafts, storytelling, and orchestra. A year ago, I started to participate in Tai Ji Men's volunteering event, and found that over there, I received more than I gave away. I realized that losing and gaining are two sides of one coin. As Confucius said, "Among three people, at least one of them is good enough to be my teacher" (I can learn something from everyone).
  Tai Ji Men members are from all walks of life. Joining them in volunteering lets me interact and collaborate more with them. I am always making memories and finding different aspects to view life from. The more I do, the more active and creative my brain becomes. Showing my potential to do things has made my life smoother than before, and my interactions with others have become relaxed and natural. The thing that surprises me most is my ability to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. In daily life, I am easily satisfied and pleased. In Tai Ji Men Energy Family's pleasant environment, my life is filled with gratitude and fulfillment. How wonderful!