My Joy Index rises every day!

Article:Wen Yu Fang / Picture:Xiu Yu Zhu  2017-03-02


  I remember the day I got married, I told myself I would give her a joyful life. As a student, I loved swimming. I participated in the Swim Across the Sun Moon Lake Thrice event with my classmates, so I always thought my body was in good shape. Now I work in technology, and my job used to exhaust me. I used to be dead tired by the time I got home. My responses to conversations initiated by my wife lacked energy. In addition to working hours, I had to be on call 24 hours. Whenever I received a telephone call at home saying there was a problem, I had to take off to do my job. Overall, I was working in the daytime, working overtime at night, and had to be on call in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning. At home, I was always anxiously waiting for a call from the company. It wasn't like I couldn't fall asleep, but the sleep I did get was very light. If there was a noise, I would leap up, awakened, and be drained the next day. Often, my entire body was stiff and sore. I felt like I was being crushed by something, and so discovered that my body wasn't as in good shape as I thought. It was a good thing that I had a caring wife who massaged me when I felt stiff. However, my condition didn't improve. My head hurt, from my eye sockets to the back of my brain. It got so serious that I felt like vomiting and couldn't focus on my work. I started on painkillers. One pill, two, three pills didn't work, so I switched to a different brand. I had to carry the pills with me at all times, because I couldn't bear the pain. Although I visited the doctor, they always prescribed me more pain meds or recommended that I take vitamins. I took pain meds for 6 months. My wife worriedly reminded me that there would always be a problem with my body, and I wouldn't last long enough to be with her forever. Therefore, she invited me to Tai Ji Men to chat with members who also worked in my profession, in the hopes that I could get help. A brother shared some simple words with me: "To have a healthy body, you must take care of it well. That way your family won't worry." These words touched my heart. After I joined Tai Ji Men and practiced qigong, my whole body felt excellent. My conversations with the brothers and sisters, filled with happiness, influenced me positively. I smiled easily, and the crushing weight that I'd felt before was lifted. My energy levels improved; once, when I had a heavy workload, I was even able to hum while working. When my colleagues saw this, they commented on how light my mood was. I found that although my work was busy, I was still able to smile. My headaches disappeared. I'm really thankful for my wife, who introduced me to Tai Ji Men, allowing me to be reborn shiny and new.
  My wife always invited me to go on a walk with her on the weekends, but all I could ever do was stare at my computer and stay indoors. When I did go out with her, it was to buy pain meds. Now, I happily go sightseeing or hiking with her and Tai Ji Men brothers and sisters. My body used to make my wife's worries infinite, but now she happily exclaims, "Our marriage's Joy Index increases every day!"