Life at Fully Joy

Article:Ming Jun Lu / Picture:Xiu Yu Zhu  2017-03-09


  "After the prince and the princess got married, they lived happily ever after" -- the beautiful ending in all the fairy tales that we hear. But for my wife and me, our marriage in 1989 was the beginning of our suffering. The next year, she was diagnosed with terminal lymph cancer. In addition to removing her entire stomach, she had to suffer the pain of the abortion of our unborn child and follow it with chemotherapy. After all was said and done, the doctor told us to monitor her closely and report back any problems. He told us that she had a 40% chance to live five more years and the rest of her recovery was up to her. We spent a fortune searching everywhere for a solution. After chemo and the removal of her stomach, she was left with no ability to digest food and she couldn't absorb nutrients, so she got weak and couldn't recover.
  We were very lucky to encounter Tai Ji Men. Back then, at the academy, we listened to many of our friends sharing the benefits they got from practicing qigong. How jealous we were of them. In the hopes that we could have a joyful rest of our lives as well, my wife and I joined Tai Ji Men. A few months later, her strength was back. Her dull complexion became rosy again and she recovered rapidly, shocking our close friends.
  Before, the doctor had strongly doubted that her post-chemo body could get pregnant again. On the contrary, when she went to get examined for some discomfort six months later, the doctor told me the good news of her pregnancy. I was skeptical and asked the doctor if he was absolutely sure. Could it be a tumor instead?
  The doctor replied humorously, "A tumor wouldn't have a heartbeat!"
  Therefore, in the Year of the Dragon, our little dragon daughter was born. She joined Tai Ji Men soon after, and was healthy and lively from the beginning of her childhood. Although she was an only child at home, she grew up with many friends in Tai Ji Men and was never lonely. The common thing her widely diverse Energy Family shared was that they all practiced qigong at Tai Ji Men. Not only did she learn about the importance of health, but she was also filled with life wisdom. Our family life and work situations entered a new era.
  Tai Ji Men dizi have represented Taiwan and won the 8th International Group Performing Martial Arts Wushu Championship. Our dizi range in a variety of everyday professions, yet are still able to obtain this high glory, because under Tai Ji Men founder Dr. Hong Tao-Tze's guidance, we are able to collaborate and express our wisdom and skills so we can achieve this goal.
  Seeing the result of teamwork, I break my previous thoughts that were confined to the belief that we couldn't do it. When I use this mindset at work, I am able to achieve higher goals than what I imagined. My team has repeated success due to the power of working together.
  I am extremely thankful for my colleagues' collaboration and selfless work. In two short years, we were able to obtain 19 prizes for International Inventions. We made it into 36 international journal articles. We completed the impossible.
  My wife is a music teacher who works mainly with piano. My daughter has practiced the violin, viola, and harp. As the head of the family, I can't afford to fall behind, so using Shifu's time organization strategy, "The one with the most time is the one who is best at using their time wisely," I found time to learn how to play the cello, thus turning our family into a musical trio. Our friends admire our performances a lot.
  Our happiness index is flying off the charts. Our wisdom and warmheartedness is at 100%, our joy a full fraction in our life's symphony.